Hey there, the companions of “Nomadic Yatri” 🙂 we have changed our blog name from “Nomadic Yatri ” to “Cookie Vagabond”. You must be thinking why suddenly this change, so the reason is,  the new name Cookie resemble the name of my travel crime partner, as her nickname is “Kuki” and  “Vagabond” is like “Jamesbond” and I like both of them.So I thought of introducing “Cookie Vagabond”. Read, also follow our blog in SNS media The change in name is to distinguish us from the crowd of other nomads and I personally like Vagabond and I hope you also like same. Now you can proudly say I am the follower of Vagabond “Cookie Vagabond” 😛 Please check our facebook and twitter page. Here are the details. Facebook Page:  Facebook  Cookie Vagabond Twitter Page:  TwitterCookie Vagabond

Land of rising sun is always dream destination for most of the travellers. If you are thinking to visit Japan, then here I am giving you a complete information about Japan tourist visa before you are check-in into the gateway of Japan.Many countries have visa weaver in Japan and you can check the list of countries here visa exempt list.You require following documents before moving to the embassy or to authorize travel agent. Japan tourist visa requirement while Coming as independent (Self-arranged) 1-  Copy of passport with first and last page having biodata. 2- A completely filled visa application form. 3- Covering letter which will explain your purpose to visit as well as itinerary. 4- Photograph (2×2 inch but confirm with embassy) 5- Travel booking(arranged tour if there), Hotel and air ticket with the itinerary. 6- Latest income tax return or Bank statement for 6 months ( the original one…

When we hear the word Japan there are certain things which run into our mind like gadgets, cars and Shinkansen. There are many things which people living outside Japan may not know and they can be amused by knowing them. So here, I am listing few things which might surprise you but exist only in Japan. I have been here around 4~5 years and I am summarising my experiences in this post. The points here might be good, bad or neutral. Feel free to comments your own experiences to provide me more output to judge expectation vs reality. So here you go. Read, also how to migrate Japan for work Safety I personally feel that Japan care about the people who are living here. Girls, women are safe, laws are strict so crime rate is very low. Enjoying nightlife up to any time is good and moving here and there…

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