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If you are planning to go 2 days trip to Mount Fuji for hiking, then you are on the right page for getting summarize information about the hiking. Fujisan trekking itinerary is based on the group of 7 people, some were slow, some were fast but all were having strong determination to reach the top of the summit with the beautiful sunrise.If you are heading from Tokyo, then the best way is to take highway bus from Shinjuku bus terminal to Fuji Subaru Line 5th Station (2700¥ each way fare).It takes two hours to reach there so, you can have a good nap on the bus to save energy for night hiking. Note: Buy tickets in advance from Shinjuku bus terminal. It’s hard to find ticket on same day. If you are confirmed about return journy then book round trip ticket otherwise just book one way. Also, read Dare Your Limits For Rafting In Gunma Prefecture There are…

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