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Have you ever thought what is the childbirth cost in Tokyo? If you are from American background you may feel it’s cheaper here. Ahan!! if you are from the country where everything is covered by insurance you will feel a bit expensive here. Childbirth cost in Tokyo depends on the area of metropolitan and central Tokyo is a bit expensive, the rest of Japan. On an average, it cost you around 50,0000 to 80,0000 yen. All charges are based on hospitals inside Tokyo. Outside Tokyo, it can be a bit lower but still, it’s around 45,0000 to 70,0000 yen.

Childbirth cost always depend on the geographical location as well as types of facilities provided.

Welcome Kiara to our travel world
Welcome Kiara to our travel world

Factors for Childbirth cost in Tokyo

  • Room type in hospital If you prefer a private room then room cost will be a plus in your budget. It always again depends on the hospital but certainly higher prices for a private room.
  • Shared room It’s the cheapest option based on price. You will be accommodated with other 2 to 3 people however privacy is maintained. This room is always included in the hospital’s website cost estimation.
  • Cesarean Delivery I am always confused on this point as some hospital charge extra whereas some deduct the amount from your budget. In case of cesarean delivery, you need to stay more in the hospital than normal delivery which is 3 extra days. So the budget always remains the same as normal delivery, as you have to pay for the room. They might also ask your signature if they are using anaesthesia in cesarean delivery.
  • Normal delivery Best option in overall. You can not take the decision to have cesarean or normal. It always depends on circumstances even on the delivery day. So be prepared for everything. You will stay in the hospital around 7 days if everything is well with baby and you.

Payment of  Childbirth cost in Tokyo

You will receive the bill on the day of discharge. Staff will tell you in one day advance how much you need to pay tomorrow. Generally, either the city office or your company’s insurance partner will fund your 42,0000 yen bill. If you are enrolled in public health insurance then city office pays the 42,0000. If you are insured by the company then employee health insurance will cover the amount while remaining differences will always be paid by you.

Do not forget to take birth certificate. Please fill the form in 5-6 month advance before delivery, in order to receive money from the insurance provider. Either you will directly get the money and then you pay the hospital or hospital can take it directly from the provider. Some hospitals ask deposit amount after 30 weeks of pregnancy, In our case, it was not.

Checkup cost before Childbirth

Each time you visit the hospital you need to pay 1000 to 3000 yen.This amount paid with the discount coupons you receive from the city office. You can consider this budget too around 10,0000 yen till the end checkup. When you register your pregnancy with the hospital you need to go for a checkup. First two trimester it’s once a month while last trimester you need to visit twice in a month. As the pregnancy comes to final stage i.e last month you need to see your doctor every week till delivery…

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Baby vaccination system

In Japan vaccination starts after 2 months of delivery. Once baby completes one month there is check up for mother and baby both. On the day you register your childbirth (which must be done within 15 days of birth) city office make an appointment with the midwife for a home visit. The midwife will come to your house and make sure that you are happy and healthy and in any case not suffering from postpartum depression. This is the point when she will prepare vaccination coupons for you. City officials will send coupons to you and you can start vaccination after taking an appointment with the nearby pedestrian.

There are some vaccines which are paid but optional like rotavirus vaccine. You need to pay for this vaccine i.e 9,000 yen each time and it’s 3 times.

Baby insurance after Childbirth

You must need insurance for baby. The best thing about Japan is that child health checkup is free until the child reaches 6 years. You do not need to pay a single penny till 6 years. Just go to the city office and take your baby’s insurance card which covers 20 % bill. Remaining 80 % bill will be covered by normal insurance. So you carry on 100% free.

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Personal consultation with the midwife

You can take a mobile number of the midwife who visits you from the city office. She is representative of your things. You can call her in business hours if you or baby have some health issues. Midwives and doctors are the superheroes who ensures very less mortality rate of the infant in Japan.

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How it works once you start to get child support money?

You will start to get money once the child is one month old if you have registered. It again depends on the city but normally you get 15,000 yen per month. The person who is a household head will receive money in their bank. They will send you money in every 3 months, not every month. If you change the city, register again and you will receive money from the new city.

Childbirth cost in Tokyo
The first hug from papa

Close everything once you leave Japan

You need to stop health insurance, child allowance once you leave Japan. For people like us who leave Japan permanently, they need to submit one form to city officials. They will give you a printout with your leaving date and family details etc. You submit that paper to the child department in city office as well as the insurance department. They will stop everything for the requested date. Insurance card you can send back to them with the post from the airport, which is the must.

Final note all things above are based on my personal experience. There is no promotion for any hospital or agency mentioned in the post. Let us know how was your experience regarding baby birth in Tokyo. If you have any query please let us know for concrete details.

Next coming post is prerequisite for childbirth in Japan…

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